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ISPLC 2011 takes place in Udine, Italy on April 3-6, 2011:

Udine is the capital of the Udine province in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, a beautiful region located in Northeastern Italy. Udine is 100 km south of Austria, and 60 km west of Slovenia. The nearest airports are Triest Ronchi dei Legionari (50 km, 25 min. by car) and Venice Marco Polo (130 km, 75 min. by car or 90 min. by train).
The city area is populated since the neolithic age, however the first acknowledgement of the existence of the city was an edict of emperor Otto II, dating to 983, who donated the city to the Patriarchs of Aquileia. Since the middle age it is the historical capital of Friuli region eventually becoming the seat of the Patriarch of Aquileia, who was also the main feudal lord of the region. In 1420 the city was conquered by the Republic of Venice and since then it followed the fortunes of that city, joining the Austrian Empire and eventually the Italian Kingdom in 1866.

Venue address: "Polo Economico", University of Udine, Via Francesco Tomadini 30, Udine, Italy (at walking distance from the city center)


Social Events

Lunches, Monday-Tuesday April 4-5, 2011: Canteen "Renati", Via Francesco Tomadini 13, Udine

Welcome Reception, Sunday April 3, 2011: Restaurant "Casa della Contadinanza", Udine Castle

Conference Banquet, Tuesday April 5, 2011: Villa Giacomelli, Pradamano (10 km from Udine, bus service provided)



We have a guaranteed block of rooms with a special rate in the following hotels utill the end of February. After that, no rooms will be guaranteed. You are required to contact the hotel directly for booking.

You are kindly advised to book your room as soon as possible due to the presence of several events in the city of Udine. Please mention that you will attend the ISPLC 11 conference hosted by the University of Udine.

All the hotels are just at walking distance from the venue. You can check also the venue map for their location.

Room details and prices:

hotel room prices

You can book via web, phone, or by fax to the hotel. Please download the booking form to be sent via fax to the hotel. You will receive a confirmation.

hotel booking form

hotel booking form


If you are required to apply for a Visa to travel to Italy, and you need a Visa Assistance Letter, than you can follow the instructions at Visa Assistance from IEEE. Authors of accepted papers can download the letter from EDAS.


By Plane:

By Train:

Many connections are available. Refer to the official railway timetable: Trenitalia

By Car:

From Turin, Milan, Venice (west), Trieste or Gorizia (east): motorways A4 and A23; exit Udine-Sud.
From Austria, Germany (north, through Tarvisio): motorway A23; exit Udine-Nord

Conference map

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